Hypnosis Sessions

Q: What is hypnosis?                                         

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and body.  It is not an artificially induced state as is mistakenly believed by some. We experience it at least twice every day; in the morning as we are waking up and at night as we are falling asleep. 

You may lack motivation or feel stressed out and unhappy in your life and relationship with others. You may have been trying to overcome a destructive habit with no success.  Or you may simply feel the need to relax.

When you are ready for change, hypnosis may be the tool and the missing key to the control of your life and well-being.

Q: Can anyone be hypnotized?

A: Yes!  

Some will go into a deeper state naturally. Some will take a bit longer to go into a deeper stage of hypnosis. You can be in a light state of hypnosis and still benefit from hypnotherapy.

Q:  Regarding hypnosis sessions online and hypnotherapy sessions online, Can hypnosis  and hypnotherapy be done by phone, online or via video?


Hypnotherapy can be done via Phone, Video and In Person.

Hypnosis is induced by the voice. Your eyes are closed throughout the session.  Although we routinely do shows in noisy environments, it is best for a hypnotherapy session to be conducted in a quiet place.  Looking at a hypnotist is never necessary. Listening is.

Q: I get so nervous when I am in front of a group and cannot speak well.  Can hypnotherapy help me?


Hypnotherapy sessions may help you to eliminate fear of public speaking, increase self-confidence, for stress reduction, smoking cessation and much much more. Often times, the underlying issues that are deep in the subconscious mind are brought up to the surface in hypnotherapy sessions.  And when you are ready for change you will be able to let go of these destructive habits.

Q: What will I need to do to prepare for a session?

All you need are phone connection, comfortable clothing, a chair with armrest or a recliner, time for your session and a quiet place.  Usually one or two hours per session is booked.  Please contact us for your specific issues that you will like to work on prior to booking a session.

 Q: Do you go to sleep in hypnosis?

A: No!  In hypnosis you feel relaxation.  To the outsider observing, you may appear asleep.  However, you have complete control over your relaxed state. Your brain is in a hypnotic sleep.  Whenever you desire, you can come out of hypnosis.  You still hear everything and are aware of your surroundings. 

Q: Does hypnosis control your mind?

A: Absolutely Not!  This misinformation has been passed on through generations and dramatized for decades.  

Q: Can you stay in hypnosis and not come out?

A: Absolutely Not!  You can come out of this wonderful state of relaxed mind and body anytime you choose to.

Q: I saw a hypnosis show and it appeared that the hypnotist had complete control over the participants.  Is that true?

A: The volunteers for a hypnosis show will not do anything that is against their nature or belief.  When hypnotized, the volunteer is very relaxed and appears to be under the influence of the hypnotists.  The volunteer would only react to suggestions that are comfortable to him or her.

Q: Can anyone learn to do self-hypnosis?

A: Absolutely!  As mentioned earlier we already experience hypnosis at least twice every day. All you do is learn to accelerate the process.

Q: How long does it take to make a change through hypnosis?

A: Depends on you!  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are ready for change. Generally, most people can make changes in their lives with a few sessions; providing they reinforce the change regularly. Remember it took you many years to develop and implement a change.  Give yourself a little time to make the change permanent.

Q: Can I work with a hypnotherapist on emotional issues in conjunction with my therapist?

A: Yes you can!  the hypnotherapist will need a referral from your therapist and your authorization to work with you.

Q: How do you do your sessions?

A:  Hypnotherapy can be done via: Hypnosis Phone Sessions, Video Sessions and In Person.

Q: What is cost per hour?

Phone Sessions: $97 per hour and any long distance fees that your phone company charges you for using your phone service.

Video Sessions: $127 per hour and any long distance & data fees that your phone, cable or DSL company charges you for using your internet service.

In-Person Sessions at Your Location: $297 per hour, minimum 2 hours booking, and any travel fees to your location. Please contact us in advance for availability and charges.

Q: Do I need to pay for a few sessions at once?

No!  We do not know how many sessions you will need.  You may only need one or two sessions. Please contact us for your specific issues that you will like to work on prior to booking a session.


Prior to booking or paying for your session, please call or email us to discuss your specific issue(s) that you would like to work on.

Worldwide Email: michaeld@hypnotrance.com

USA Phone: (818) 473-9813


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Michael Djavahery is a Life Coach, Trainer, an Advanced Instructor of Hypnosis, Speaker, Master Hypnotist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles. He is an in-demand instructor of workshops and seminars for corporations, government agencies, universities, and special interest groups.


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