Live Longer…Travel!


Change Your Routine...

You can save money to travel.


Many people in different parts of the world live on much smaller budgets than Americans do, and are happier and more content.

That $4-a-day coffee ends up to be an almost $1,000-a-year expense!

The $18 per person movie ticket, dinner, popcorn and soda for two, twice a month adds up to $2,000 yearly!

Eating lunch out every day and dinner out three nights a week can easily add up to $2,400 and up per person every year!

The $350 auto loan per month including gas and insurance compared to a more budget-friendly $250 /month loan adds another $1,200 to $1,500 a year to your savings!

We are not saying to cut down all of the pleasures in life.  Just some.

Take an inventory of your  monthly expenses and you will almost always find expenses you can reduce.  This will go towards your emergency fund, savings and travel.

You can apply for travel reward cards and accumulate points and extended time to pay for your travel; some with 0% interest for 12 to 18 months and more.  

If you are building your credit with no savings, you may need a bit more time to save for your savings, emergency fund and annual trip.  

Whatever you do keep track of your spending.  Remember credit cards can be great when used wisely.

Also remember you can travel for less than you may think!

When you book a few months in advance, in Southeast Asia you can find nice accommodations in the $60-to-$100 per night range.  Tickets to exotic destinations such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand can be purchased at reasonable cost

And when you travel your outlook towards your own life and the people around the world begins to change...

Save the world. Go on an adventure!


When you travel,

You improve your physical health.

You become more tolerant.

You appreciate your life more.

You actually live your dream!

You make new friends.

You begin to look at life differently.

You learn about other cultures.

Besides cultural and food differences you will find out people around the world are not that different.

You will have a different perspective towards old problems.

You will have interesting stories to tell your friends and family about your adventures!

And lastly uncomfortable situations become less and less relevant.  They are all part of the bigger picture!


Face your fears

Your may have fear of height, closed spaces, exotic food, strange places, unfamiliar culture and geography and traveling itself.  Fears can be overcome. It’s just a matter of understanding what you’re really scared of and learning to manage your concerns.

When traveling you may notice that your focus is on having fun and enjoying the moment.  What used to be of concern starts to disappear.

If you can use a little help to overcome your fears click below.

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Want More Excitement? Travel!


Do you feel the butterflies with just the thought of traveling to places you have always wanted to visit?

You may have not known this.  You are a wonderer!

Wonderer definition: To think or speculate curiously.

Traveling brings about excitement, anticipation, a sense of well-being and much more.

You pull yourself out of the rut.  You count the days to your trip.  For no reason you are smiling more.  Flowers become more beautiful to look at. They even smell better. 

Little things don't bother you any more.  You daydream more often and you start visualizing your trip and all the places you will be visiting.

Yes.  You are going on an adventure!


Gain confidence


You will make new friends and will become more sociable.

Will be easier for you to adapt to new situations.

You will be more patient.

And you will appreciate your life and your relationships more.


You are traveling to new and exciting places.  You have prepared a detailed itinerary for every step of the way to have a smooth trip.  You are enjoying your time; Snorkeling, scuba diving, tasting delicious food, meeting new people, taking great pictures, learning about different cultures.  You are doing great things.   Your confidence grows with each trip.


Of course, sometimes not everything goes according to the plan.  But you will learn to navigate the unknown and make it work. You may even amaze yourself!

Congratulations! You have accessed your life knowledge and experiences.

Enjoy the new and improved you.  Enjoy traveling...