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In-person Sessions are charged at $297 per hour plus any travel fees to your location. Please contact us for booking charges and your specific issues that you will like to work on prior to booking and paying for sessions.

Online Video and Audio Sessions: Each Session is 1 hour.

Online Video and Audio Sessions: 10% – 15% Discount is offered when 2, 3, or 4 sessions are prepaid.

Online Video and Audio Sessions: 2 Sessions Prepaid: $159

Online Video and Audio Sessions: 3 Sessions Prepaid: $249

Online Video and Audio Sessions: 4 Sessions Prepaid: $339

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Michael Djavahery is a Life Coach, an Advanced Instructor of Hypnosis, Speaker, Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles. He is an in-demand instructor of workshops and seminars for corporations, government agencies, universities and special interest groups

Email: michaeld@hypnotrance.com

Phone: (818) 473-9813


Joanne J.*****

I struggled with shyness and lack of confidence for many years. My relationships never worked out. Michael helped me to regain my confidence. I made new friends and started to enjoy my life again. If you are looking to make a change in your life Michael can help you tremendously.

Michael’s reply

Thank you for your comments. I am grateful for your decision to change your life forever. I love helping my clients. You made a difference in your future. Life is good!

Kristen S.*****
Life-changing experience. I recommended him to everyone for any concerns. I never thought, at my age, after so much inner work that someone else could impact me like he has. Forever grateful. If you’re considering working with Michael feel safe, comfortable, and do it! You won’t regret it.
Michael’s reply

Thank you Kristen for your great review. It was a pleasure working with you. You have done amazing work. You are truly a unique person. Have fun every day!


Christine C.*****
I have always been fascinated with hypnosis. Many years ago I saw Michael doing a hypnosis show. After the show, I got to talk to him and was able to get his contact information. Sometime later, I experienced a lot of stress in my life and started having panic attacks. After many tests, I was told that I was ok physically, and needed to relax and take it easy. To make the story short I contacted Michael. He taught me the fundamentals of hypnosis and easy methods of relaxation. He also showed me how to construct suggestions that were acceptable to the subconscious mind. He called it being your own hypnotist. Michael is very good at what he does. Enjoy your sessions!
Michael’s reply

Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I am glad you were open to new possibilities. You changed your life and become your own hypnotist! Michael

Genalyn A.*****
For years I experienced shortness of breath when in dark spaces. I worked with Michael for a few sessions and we were able to find the reason behind it. In hypnosis, I was able to let go of my fears. Michael is a happy and positive person, and it is easy to work with him. He has trained a lot of hypnotherapists and is an expert in his field. I highly recommend him.
Michael’s reply

Thank you for your wonderful comments! I am happy that you were ready for change, and I could guide you through the process. Every day is a better day…

May Riza A.*****
A friend of mine referred me to Michael. I had misconceptions about hypnosis and did not know what to expect. Michael took his time and educated me about hypnosis and what to expect. I was afraid of heights all my life and used to have difficulty in making decisions. Age regression did the trick! I was amazed and surprised. Don’t procrastinate and don’t hesitate! You can change your life. Thank you Michael for freeing me of self-doubt, and for giving me a new outlook on life.
Michael’s reply

Thank you for your decision to change your life forever. I am proud of you. And thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you.

Amy S.*****
I regularly felt stress in my life. And could not sleep well.
After a few sessions with Michael, and I am now able to relax and sleep much much better.
Michael makes the sessions and the process of getting hypnotized easy.
We spent a few minutes talking about my issues on Zoom. And he explained how hypnosis could help me.
Afterward, we set up an appointment for our first session. The sessions went smoothly. And I felt my life getting easier after each session.
Wow! What a change!
Thank you Michael…
Michael’s reply

Thank you. I am delighted with your progress.

Every day in every way you get better and better…

You have done a wonderful job and I congratulate you.

Have a wonderful life! 

Brenda G.*****
Michael is a top-notch hypnotherapist and human being who helped me overcome my fear of not being enough, let go of old baggage, improve my relationships, and live my life with new purpose and excitement. I even ran my first Spartan race after working with him at the age of 45. I can’t recommend him enough! And his prices are very competitive.
Michael’s reply
Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you.
I am glad your life changed for the better.
You did great work!
Enjoy every minute of your life… 
Evelyn R.*****

I used to have negative thoughts, was impatient, and got upset easily.

Michael helped me change the way I look at life. Now I laugh and smile much more, have patience, and little things don’t bother me anymore.

I look younger too!

Thank you so much Michael!

Michael’s reply
Thank you.
You were ready for change and you did a wonderful job!
I had a great time working with you.
Keep it up! 
Janet D.*****
Michael helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking.
I used to get sweaty palms and stutter when in front of a group.
I feel confident and relaxed now.
Thank you Michael.
You changed my life!
Michael’s reply
You are an inspiration to everyone who wants to become a public speaker.
I loved working with you, and wish you the best.
Enjoy every speech! 

Hypnosis Demonstration

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