Self-hypnosis Training Online, Over the Phone and Via Video Conferencing

Individual & Group Classes Are Available.

Achieve Deep Relaxation & Mind/Body Healing.

You have the power to control your weight, conquer fears, control pain, reduce stress, improve concentration, increase self-confidence and make many other positive changes in your life.


With The Power You Possess In Your Mind!

Self-hypnosis training online, in person or over the phone makes the learning easy! This simple skill can be learned quickly and mastered through practice. 

Master hypnotist Michael Djavahery will teach you easy techniques for accessing the deepest levels of your subconscious mind to achieve your full mental, physical and emotional potential.

For your company and group meetings, you will get a hypnosis demonstration in the class or via video conferencing and will discover easy methods of self-hypnosis:

Build self-confidence
Eliminate anxiety and destructive habits
Overcome your fears
Reduce stress and more

You will discover how to change your inner programming to live the kind of life you've always wanted...

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Michael Djavahery is a Life Coach, an Advanced Instructor of Hypnosis, Speaker, Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles. He is an in-demand instructor of workshops and seminars for corporations, government agencies, universities and special interest groups.

Hypnosis Demonstration

Contact us for a hypnosis demonstration at your next company or group meeting.

You will have a fun time while learning about hypnosis!