Traveling Tips & Savings

Traveling Essentials

The main rule is to travel as light as possible and use versatile luggage with spinner wheels. Take only what you need. If hotel’s laundry service is too expensive bring extra t-shirts and underwear. If you are traveling to Southeast Asia, laundry service is reasonable.

Travel Web Sites

Traveling offers excitement, relaxation and adventure; improves your overall health, enhances your life and helps your positive outlook towards life. Online travel sites make it eaier to book your flights, hotels, activities and tours in the least amount of time.

Credit Cards

There are basically two types of credit cards.  The first type offers points or miles that can be used to offset travel expenses. The second type is specific to airlines and hotels. Look for cards that offer signup bonuses, cash back on purchases, airline miles and/or hotel stays. 


Past is gone. Future is far far away. Live your life today.

Let go of regrets.  Save your energy for friends who are supportive of you and your ideas. Go to places that you have always dreamed of traveling to... 

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