Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking!


Have you ever experienced butterflies in your stomach when you get up to talk in front of an audience? You are not alone!   

You may have prepared a great speech, but you start experiencing anxiety, dry mouth, excessive sweating, and panic attack. 

You may or may not know the source of your fear, or how the whole thing started. A negative experience earlier in life may have resulted in not wanting to be the center of attention.

If you experience many different types of fears that are stopping you from progressing and getting ahead and do not know the reason for these feelings, seek the help of a hypnotherapist. Online or in-person hypnotherapy sessions and self-hypnosis can help you to eliminate your fear of public issues.  Usually, these fears are related to each other. You will be able to let go of these uncomfortable feelings and change your life for the better.

If you want to pursue a career in public speaking or you are in a business that involves regular interactions with others, the hypnotherapist will teach you easy methods of self-hypnosis, so you can become your own hypnotist!

How does it Work?

The subconscious mind is your feeling mind and behaves like a child. You would not normally teach too many new things to a child at once.

You get the best results when you repeat one positive suggestion at a time that is simple, believable to you, and is in the present tense. Over time the suggestion will take hold in the subconscious mind and will become a habit. Repeat the same suggestion every day and for as many days as you need until the suggestion takes hold and becomes a part of you.

You can also teach others how to let go of fears, and help them change their lives by joining a reputable online life coaching or hypnotherapy training program.


Start A Global Business Helping Your Client To Overcome Their Fear of Public Speaking!

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Become A Better Speaker!


Michael Djavahery is a Life Coach, an Advanced Instructor of Hypnosis, Speaker, Master Hypnotist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles. He is an in-demand instructor of workshops and seminars for corporations, government agencies, universities, and special interest groups.

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Available in Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback & Hardcover on Amazon!



You have most likely encountered fear many times in your life and were able to overcome it.

We encounter different types of fears that challenge our growth and our progress in our lives. We deal with them and move on.

The fears may be strong at first, but they do not hold us back.

It is the fear of the unknown that should make no sense to us.

But we imagine the worse possible outcome, and we let it take control of our lives.

Our health, relationships, and sleep are affected by this fear.

The mаjоr cаuse fоr prоcrаstinаtiоn is feаr, аnd mоre specificаlly, the feаr thаt tаking аctiоn will leаd tо pаin оr pаinful experience оf sоme kind.

Аt sоme level, yоur subconscious mind cоmbines аnd seаrches it’s “files” tо cоme up with а “link” thаt аssоciаtes the аctiоn tо а  past experience.

This cаn rаnge frоm sоmething mildly uncоmfоrtаble tо sоmething physicаlly pаinful.

In this book we explore:

Living a life without fears

Overcoming procrastination

Sleeping better at night

Setting goals

Being your best

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Available in Kindle, Paperback & Hardcover on Amazon!

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Have You experienced Stage Fright?

Do you want to become a better speaker?

For anyone reading this book, as much as public speaking may challenge you, you likely don’t have much of a problem with normal speaking in interactions at work, school, and in your social life. You may not be a perfect conversationalist, but you don’t break into a cold sweat just thinking about talking with coworkers, other students, or friends at a café.

Furthermore, you have probably encountered fear and dealt with it successfully many times. You are likely to have had a lot of practice conquering fear. Fear, in the guise of worry and concern, happens frequently as we go through life. We encounter new people in new situations that challenge us regularly. But when fear, concern, or worry confront us, we handle it. It may not always be easy, but we get past the fear because we need to do what we need to do to provide for our families, reach our educational goals, and make an impact on our communities. The fear may be strong at first, but it does not hold us back. We can see through the fear to what is important to us.

But, for many, public speaking is different. Our speaking skills, which are reasonably present in everyday life, deteriorate when faced with a microphone and a crowd, and our hard-won ability to deal with fear-inducing situations evaporates in front of an audience. Our speaking abilities shrink, and fear grows from manageable to overwhelming.

This painful combination of events makes us either avoid public speaking completely or creates a miserable experience when we do speak.

This book will show you:

•To be YOU! Become A Better Speaker!

•How To build your confidence so you can do better presentations.

•How to control, cope, and overcome your fears on stage.

•How to write a better speech.

•How to influence your audience.

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