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Looking To Start a Global Business That You Can Run From Anywhere In The World?
Start Your Own Global Home-Based Life Coaching Business!

This Course Including the 1-On-1 Training Is Offered Worldwide Via Video Conferencing.

If you enjoy working with people, love helping others reach their goals and full potential and looking for one of the best home based business opportunities, look no further!

Home Based Business Opportunities create flexibility in your life.

A Home-based Life Coaching business might be for you. One of the great advantages to coaching today is that technology has expanded your ability to provide coaching services. No longer are you limited to having an office where you meet people in person or on a phone where you might miss subtle visual cues when helping others.

Our Life Coaching Program Teaches You To:

Utilize Techniques to Help your clients Live A Happy & Fulfilled Life.

Provide Career, Purpose and Life Balance Coaching. Discover your client’s true motivations for making permanent change.

Help People Integrate their Life Purpose at Work and at Home.

Demonstrate the Value of Long-Term Coaching in your First Session.

Use powerful tools to overcome Blocks and Obstacles to Success.

Conduct Follow-up Coaching Sessions to Keep clients Motivated & On Track.

Facilitate Change In Your Clients With Techniques that Get Results.

Apply the Tools to Individual Sessions, Groups, and Workshops.

Learn How to Help Clients Redesign Their Life, Career, and Lifestyle.

Empower people to create a Life They Love!

Video conferencing has made face-to-face coaching with clients all over the world possible, which may be one of the reasons the coaching profession has exploded in the last few years.

If you have the ability to connect with and help people, then coaching might be a great home business option for you.

All training is done via video conferencing by Michael Djavahery with over 30 years of experience in life coaching and training.

One on one training is available.

Flexible Class Schedule

1 Month Accelerated Training
Two evenings per week
2 hours per session.

Become A Better Speaker & Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Available in Kindle, Audiobook & Paperback Versions on Amazon!

Hardcover is Available on Barnes and Noble!

Have You experienced Stage Fright?

Do you want to become a better speaker?

For anyone reading this book, as much as public speaking may challenge you, you likely don’t have much of a problem with normal speaking in interactions at work, school, and in your social life. You may not be a perfect conversationalist, but you don’t break into a cold sweat just thinking about talking with coworkers, other students, or friends at a café.

Furthermore, you have probably encountered fear and dealt with it successfully many times. You are likely to have had a lot of practice conquering fear. Fear, in the guise of worry and concern, happens frequently as we go through life. We encounter new people in new situations that challenge us regularly. But when fear, concern, or worry confront us, we handle it. It may not always be easy, but we get past the fear because we need to do what we need to do to provide for our families, reach our educational goals, and make an impact on our communities. The fear may be strong at first, but it does not hold us back. We can see through the fear to what is important to us.

But, for many, public speaking is different. Our speaking skills, which are reasonably present in everyday life, deteriorate when faced with a microphone and a crowd, and our hard-won ability to deal with fear-inducing situations evaporates in front of an audience. Our speaking abilities shrink, and fear grows from manageable to overwhelming.

This painful combination of events makes us either avoid public speaking completely or creates a miserable experience when we do speak.

This book will show you:

•To be YOU! Become A Better Speaker!

•How To build your confidence so you can do better presentations.

•How to control, cope, and overcome your fears on stage.

•How to write a better speech.

•How to influence your audience.

To learn more and to order this book, Click here.

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